13 thoughts on “Lanes Roughing It Smoothly (Comments)”

  1. Looking good! I’m looking forward to reading about your journey along the way. Happy trails! Be safe! OXOX

  2. Glad to see you made it to Colorado — with some adventure — and you are enjoying the sites of the park. Weather has been good here in No. Virginia. We will keep reading

  3. Thanks for the suggestion but the blog is mainly for family and friends. Thanks!

  4. Love your blog–almost seems like I am hiking along with you and wish I were! I love your little history lessons, pictures, comments and last but not least the kids and grand kids. We have enjoyed so many happy moments together–and for so many years.
    We had a couple wonderful days with the Hamners– wish you could have been here too. We are looking forward to a get-together again in the fall . An interesting note-a wood stork came visit us as we were sitting by the canal. He was very tame and came right up to us–probably looking for food.
    We will be following your wonderful blog–safe travels and enjoy your time with Ashley.

  5. Thanks much, Beverly! I love doing this as it keeps me in the loop with everyone. Also we will have a record of what we’ve done so it won’t fade from the old memory. Do wish we could have joined you when Hamners came over but will definitely be there in October! Take care of yourselves and keep letting us hear from you! Take a picture of your wood stork and send it to me. Ashley and I were trying to figure out what it looks like but couldn’t remember. I know you love the wildlife out your back door–what a pleasant place! Ash will be with us until June 27 when she and Bob will fly to Indiana for mini family reunion and take Lisa, Mike and kids around to visit his old haunts. They will meet them there for a few days then head to Pittsburgh and Buffalo for a family reunion on Mike’s side. Then Bob flies back to Sequim WA where I will be with the RV and we will pack up and head to Montana for Glacier National Park and beyond. Will continue to post our progress. Take care! Hugs, Cathie

  6. Thanks Cathie. I’m not too good at sending pics but if you look at Wikapedia/wood stork it will show you pics and tell you all about this interesting bird. You will see why we were so amazed when it came within inches of our feet. I had seen him before but not so up close and personal! Glad Ashley is is with you– happy travels. We will be watching and enjoying your blog.

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