Visiting Aunt Jackie

Bob and Jackie enjoyed the beautiful weather today at our campground just outside Indianapolis.

We had a great time with Bob’s sister, Jackie, and niece, Vicky, today.  We spent a relaxing afternoon talking and snacking on cheese and crackers topped with muscadine preserves I bought at the Old Country Store at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA. Not many people know about muscadines.  My grandfather had a muscadine arbor in his backyard where my sister and I played when we were little girls.  It was like our own magic cave.  Occasionally we would taste the muscadines–they were very tart and almost bitter– very unlike the grapes they almost look like.  But when transformed into preserves, they can’t get any better.  Although we had them on cheese and crackers today, the more traditional way to eat them is slathered on a big, hot, buttery, homemade Southern-style biscuit.  Jackie liked the preserves so much I sent a jar home with her. We then went out for dinner and afterwards, back at the campground, we sat outside for a while longer not wanting such a wonderful afternoon to end.

On our journey to Indiana yesterday, we camped at a place called Buckeye Lake near Columbus, Ohio.  It was a fun place very much geared toward entertaining children.  I particularly enjoyed the porch swing on our private patio at our campsite and the roaring bonfires our neighbors were enjoying.  My brother-in-law, Ferrol,  is the master of campfires so of course these bonfires were no competition for him but enjoyable nonetheless.  I had an embarrassing moment after running out after dark on an errand.  When I returned I parked behind our motorhome, juggled all my bags together, and headed to the door.  I was a little surprised when I noticed a strange man coming to the door instead of Bob.  To my humiliation I then realized I had parked behind the motorhome behind ours.  Yuck—one more lesson learned.  Check license plates!

Tomorrow we head for Colorado with  stopovers in Missouri and Kansas.  Will continue to post updates as long as I can stay awake at night!

Buckeye Lake Campground is situated near Buckeye Lake which appears to be a very popular place.  The owners must have a wonderful sense of fun with a mining trough installed out front and porch swings sprinkled throughout the park.
Buckeye Lake Campground is very near Buckeye Lake, which appears to be a very popular place. The owners must have a wonderful sense of fun and relaxation with a gold mining trough installed out front and porch swings sprinkled throughout the park.

6 thoughts on “Visiting Aunt Jackie”

  1. Jackie looks great! I can’t wait to go and see her again. The kids are so excited to go see the antique store and have icecream with Pappaws basketball pictures on the wall. I’m glad you guys were still able to squeeze in a couple of days in Indiana even with all the delays.

    Love to all
    Lisa and the family

  2. Sounds like a great trip ahead of you. Be safe through the severe weather in the Midwest! If you see a tornado, just click the heels of your red shoes together and say, “there’s no place like home.” Keep us posted – Love the blog!

  3. I just found your comment! Jackie has a lot of spunk to spend all day with us—and she definitely likes the muscadine preserves! She called this morning and said she was paying for her wild time yesterday with a day in bed. She said she had lots of fun though! Hopefully she will be all rested up when you guys get there. Hugs to kiddies!

  4. My red shoes were soaked in the downpour this morning as we hitched our car to the RV to take off. But we are in Illinois now and beautiful sunshine but VERY windy. Heading for a campground in Columbia, Missouri today. Take care and enjoy those very cute babies!

  5. You can say that again! Keeps you on your toes… All these adventures are supposed to keep the mind sharp. But I was trying to remember today where (which state) I bought the tangerines we have been enjoying all week and tonight I finally figured it out—Columbia, Missouri! Best ones I’ve had in a long time.

    We saw the BIGGEST elk I’ve ever seen tonight when we came into the campground. It was amazing! He just stood there as if posing….

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