Lazy Day at “Rocky”

Hi everyone!  We had a lazy morning today while I studied the convection oven cookbook trying to figure out how to make cinnamon rolls in a convection oven.  To tell you the truth I’ve been a little shy about tackling this project but when I woke up this morning a little bird said “cinnamon rolls” in my brain.  So since I have no idea how to make cinnamon rolls in a skillet, I decided that perhaps I should read the instruction manual for the newfangled (for me) convection oven.  Ugh!  A half hour later Bob was getting hungry so he decided to take over that project.  I scrambled eggs and we finally winged it on the rolls.  They turned out pretty good except the one in the middle which was a sodden mound of dough.  So next time a few more minutes cook time and a little lower temp–or maybe the other way around….   At least I tried it and I’m not so scared of it any more!  Sure beats standing on my head to light the pilot light in the oven as I often did in the previous RV.  Or maybe not.  Hmmmm….

Well with that behind us, we set off to see our friend, Rocky, again today.  It was a stunningly beautiful day and we decided to hike Bear Lake.  Unfortunately, we were once again wearing the wrong clothes, shoes, etc.  I have hiking boots at home BUT I thought my Keens sandals would be just fine….and it was so warm at the campground…  Little did I know that Bear Lake is close to 9600 feet elevation—there I go (again!) not reading all the details in the guide book.  I have to say that we were wondering as we walked up to the trailhead why all the people in the parking lot were putting spiky crampons on their shoes and boots.




Rocky was looking good today.

Well, when we saw the packed ice and snow at the trailhead we asked the Park Ranger if our attire–especially our shoes– would be OK.  She was very kind–she took a picture of us under the elevation sign (to help us remember) and sent us down the road to Sprague Lake, where she pointed out the path was at a lower elevation and no longer had snow and ice covering the trail.

At almost 9600 feet, Bear Lake trail had not yet shed the snow and ice.  The RMNP Park Ranger gave us another option since we were not prepared to slip and slide around the lake.
At almost 9600 feet, Bear Lake trail had not yet shed the snow and ice. The RMNP Park Ranger gave us another option since we were not prepared to slip and slide around the lake, i.e. no crampons or boots..

And she said that Sprague Lake had almost the same view–just a little further away.  She was mostly correct–except for about 50 feet in the shadowed end of the lake that was covered in—yes, you guessed it—snow and ice.  After slipping and sliding across that I was so glad we opted out of the Bear Lake expedition.  And the hike was exceptionally beautiful–with the climate/view changing several times as we circled the lake.


We then drove around scouting out wildlife (more elk and an unusual, beautiful bird–I have to buy one of those bird books since I have no idea what it is) until we ran out of steam and headed back to the RV.  I made lunch and then stretched out for a quick nap and woke up four hours later–best sleep I’ve had in a very long time.  After being retired for over a year, I am actually beginning to feel RETIRED!

Does anyone know what kind of bird this is?  We found it in one of the RMNP campgrounds. It looked almost like a parrot at first glance.  I guess that’s not too likely in this climate…

We then drove into Estes Park and visited the Stanley Hotel–the slightly haunted, still elegant historic hotel where they filmed “The Shining” with Jack Nicholson.  Although I had visited the hotel before, I just finished reading Stephen King’s book the movie was based upon so I began to see ghosts in every corner, staircase, sneaking in the old brass elevator–and it was still daylight outside.  No wonder their ghost tours of the hotel are so popular!

At one of the RMNP displays, there were pictures of climbers heading up the Tyndall Glacier. It is interesting to note that at least one of the climbers is a woman–and she’s wearing a skirt! It appears not to be uncommon–one of the early explorers I have read about since we’ve been here was also a woman–and she climbed one of the tallest peaks in a long skirt. They named one of the mountains after her.

Then after dinner at our now favorite Mexican restaurant (2 times already this week), we drove back to the campground.  As we drove into the campground the biggest elk I have ever seen stepped in front of us and posed–almost as if he was waiting for a “please” from us to let us go by.  He was majestic and I would have loved a picture of him–but it was too dark so you will have to take my word for it!  Since we are only one of three motorhomes in the campground tonight, I expect the wildlife will roam freely all night.  Few people, no dogs, no interference–as they roam our little area looking for choice morsels.  Our neighbor over the weekend said he saw bear scat in the campground, so just hoping one of the choice morsels is not the VA folks!

Greetings to all!



6 thoughts on “Lazy Day at “Rocky””

  1. I love your posts and you definitely seem to be enjoying retired life now! I can just imagine the ranger looking at your shoes. That reminds me of last June when we went hiking up to the top of Snowbasin tram with the Smiths and all of us girls had on our keens. We ended up hiking down through feet of snow freezing our feet off in shorts and T-shirts ;). So even “locals” make that mistake! Love your blog keep it up!

    Love you

  2. Love the posts….I am telling you Cathie…I think you have a start to a great book…Ferrol asks me every night if you posted and I read it and he comes and looks at the pictures….it makes me feel like I am there with you…the pictures are great…and I think ya’ll are enjoying retirement…love ya sis!

  3. Tell Ferrol it is great to have a fan! Just wish you guys were riding along with us–wouldn’t that be a blast!!!???? We are leaving tomorrow either back to Denver (if the part comes in) or on down to Colorado Springs to wait for the part. Then Bob will have to take the RV back up there (about 60 miles) to have the part installed. I hope it comes in since I want to have Bob settled before I leave Wednesday. We are still too new to this to move around on our own. Have a good one!

  4. Hi sweetie! So glad this kind of runs in the family. I was beginning to think I was losing it! I actually went to a local athletic shoe store in this hikers’ mecca of shoe stores today and — guess what — I bought some hiking shoes! They are grey and blue Keens and the lady fitted me to make sure I had a proper fit. They feel great on my foot and they have air comfort built in. She had me climb a rock incline in her store to see how they felt climbing rocks. I told her I doubt I will be doing anything too adventurous and she said “well you never know–once you have some good shoes on your feet!” She must have been talking to the Park Ranger!

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