Moving On: Colorado Springs or bust

We untethered Baby 2 today and let her get some air under her wings.  She had been stuck in that campground in Estes Park with deer and elk running circles around her for days–so she looked happy to hit the road.  We took the Peak to Peak road out of Estes Park and headed to Lyons where we hooked back up before continuing our trip to Colorado Springs.  I planned to take some pictures along the way and then meet Bob in Lyon, but I had never driven very far behind Baby and she looked so happy to be free, I just watched her go.  Her freedom was short-lived, however; she was back to being the workhorse again on down the road when we plugged in the Jeep behind her.

DSCN7026DSCN7005DSCN7004 Some of you are a little curious about the mechanics behind RVing.  Others of you know more than we will ever know!  But I want to introduce you to Pinky, our pink monkey, who is our assistant driver in the tow vehicle.  This is the way it works–when Baby 2 is pulling the Jeep she is so much bigger and stronger than the Jeep that if something awful were to happen–let’s say a flat tire on the Jeep–then Baby 2 would continue to pull her along unknowingly–which would definitely not be a good situation.  In our class we were told to put something bright (such as a scarf) on the top of the steering wheel and watch it in the rear camera.  If it starts bobbing furiously around, you will immediately know if something is out of sorts.  I didn’t like any of the scarves I saw that day so the brightest thing I could find was this pink monkey.  So if you see a large RV going down the road and you see a pink monkey driving the tow vehicle, then you can be pretty certain it’s us!! DSCN7030 Driving a tow vehicle is tough work.  As the RV makes turns, the wheel of the toad (tow vehicle) also turns.  So Pinky can sometimes almost wind up standing on her head.  But she holds on tight and does her job with style!  Hold on there, Pinky! DSCN7031DSCN7029DSCN7033 Well, between Baby 2, Pinky, and–oh yeah–Bob, who drove the RV today, we made it to Colorado Springs with only one minor surprise.  (Can we ever do ANYTHING without something popping up that we didn’t expect?  Or popping off?  Ok–you get the message!) Well, today’s surprise as we were heading down I-25 south of Denver was a large piece of steel and rubber tread lying in our lane of the road that must have blown off of a large truck .  Since there was no where to go to dodge the big chunk of rubber and steel, we (of course) ran over it but didn’t think anything of it since everything seemed fine.  As we were checking in at our campground, a fellow camper came in and asked if the Phaeton was ours and mentioned that we had some extra tire hanging on the back dual axle.  He and Bob tried to pull it out to no avail–so it wound up being another call to CoachNet.  They were here within 30 minutes and yanked that thing right out of there with no damage to the Coach.  I love happy endings!  Look at the smile on Baby 2 below–she’s so happy to have that yucky thing gone! DSCN7034 The ladies in the RV office recommended a little bistro in Old Colorado City (4 miles down from us) for dinner tonight.  The atmosphere was a little funky, with what Bob refers to as “California-style” (i.e., healthy) food on the menu.  We both found something we liked and all was well. I enjoyed checking out the house (that’s really what it was), with an old wooden chandelier, stained glass, and a guy sitting in the front bar area looking grumpy and wondering how/why he wound up there for dinner.  Oh yeah, that guy was Bob–and he survived!  In fact the BLT he had looked pretty darn good! DSCN7035DSCN7039DSCN7037 We were walking back to our car tonight after dinner and this singing couple in a shop window caught my eye. DSCN7044 I would love to know what they are singing, but I can only imagine it’s “Happy Birthday” on the belated side.  After all, the picture below it just happened to get on the blog today so there had to be some magic somehow!

Two of my favorite granddaughters sharing a birthday moment at Mikaela’s 6th birthday celebration. I can’t believe that was 4 years ago! Birthdays have always been big in our family and the girls are carrying on the tradition!

Well, that’s it for tonight folks!  I will be back on duty Monday night after I get back to Colorado from my trip home.  But Bob has promised to get out and do some exploring without me, so more blog fodder is coming!  Cheers to all!  And to my dear grandsons, I will sneak you on my blog in the very near future, so hang in there!

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