Rocky Mountain NP: Estes Park, CO

This is our second day in Estes Park, CO and I am still in awe of the views!  Although the park (the natives call it “Rocky”) is not completely open to park visitors (they still have massive amounts of snow blocking the park roads) we were able to drive 11 miles into Rocky today.  We have seen herds of elk and deer, and some smaller mammals.  We didn’t have to go far to  see elk and deer since they stroll through our campground frequently and even down the streets of Estes Park.  We heard that a bighorn sheep was recently seen in the downtown city park nursing her twin babies.  Hey, when the kids get hungry, they gotta’ eat….!

Below are some images from our day.  The altitude requires a little adjustment so we came back down to Estes Park after our adventuring, had lunch, and indulged in an afternoon siesta.

I’m planning on waking up early tomorrow to see how many special guests come by for breakfast.  We want to check out Bear Lake later in the morning, hike around the lake, and explore some other areas of the park.  Also want to stop by the local bookstore–I’ve found a great way to get to know an area is by discovering the local authors.

Hope all is well with all of you–we are thinking of you as always!

This is the View from our RV at a campground in Estes Park, CO, just one mile from the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.
This is the view from our RV at a campground in Estes Park, CO, just one mile from the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.


Bob is trying to count how many unexpected dinner guests have arrived.  Bowl of grass anyone?


More elk! We never get tired of watching these beautiful animals in their natural habitat.


Just a little chilly. Capris, sandals….and down jacket!  What was I thinking???
Road closed. Darn!
This is the end of the road for us today. I was here in late June a few years ago and although they had 30 feet of snow hanging over our car at this lookout point we were able to drive into the alpine region of the park at 12,000 plus feet. Maybe next time!
Heading back down to Estes Park. The trees are struggling to free themselves from that heavy snow. I can’t say I blame them–we had more than enough of that stuff this year too!

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  1. We’re loving your blog: check it twice a day!! Today’s posting sure made us homesick for RVing again. We saw so many beautifully scenic places in the West, also. So happy you’re getting the opportunity to see it too. Love you both.

  2. It is always a WOW moment–one after another! Hope all is well there! Much love, SIS

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