Salt Lake City and beyond….

Heber City, Utah: Home Sweet Home

Well, after all our adventuring on the way out west, we finally arrived in Heber City, Utah, our Utah home away from home (if we can get a reservation).  Luckily, we were able to get settled in and headed down to SLC as soon as we were hooked up.  Lisa, Mike and the kids had just gotten home from Vancouver the night before–they went out to see one of the Women’s World Soccer Championship games.   I had not seen Lisa and her family since spring when I went out there to see Mikaela’s performance in her musical (amazing performance–Mikaela is such a natural on stage and her cute personality shines through!) and Bob had not seen them since last Thanksgiving when they came to Virginia.  Unfortunately we all took turns getting sick during the holiday with one bug or another that week so that was a little challenging…  Needless to say, we were anxious to get some big hugs and kisses minus the bugs of winter!

One of our favorite campgrounds is in Heber City–great facilities, stunning sunsets, astonishing scenery in every direction–and best of all less than an hour from the grandbabies!
I’m watching the tail end of one of those sunsets I just mentioned… Very serene.

Soccer, Soccer, More Soccer!!!!

Over the next few days we spent a lot of time on the soccer fields watching Mikaela and Sammy practice, practice, practice–often in 100 plus degree heat.   What endurance!  Sammy arrived at Mikaela’s practice after his practice one night and immediately headed for the sprinklers to get wet.  Good idea!

This is one of Mikaela’s practices–Lisa was at another field in another town watching Sammy’s practice. I have no idea how they do all this plus all the things they have to do each day!

Of course, Lisa and her family were totally fired up after just getting back from Vancouver for one of the  Womens Soccer games .  And they had all the paraphernalia to get into the spirit –hats, shirts, flags….the whole bag!  For the two weeks we were there, soccer was the theme–and I was a convert after screaming along with them during those last few games!  Before the week was out, I wished we had timed our trip to Canada better so that we could have seen one in person too–maybe the last one perhaps–that would have been a mind-bender!!

We are all set up and cheering already for that FINAL game…!!!
Lisa is cheering them on but looks a little tense here–that’s before we got the first two scores and we were going wild…
Sammy is celebrating after the final few minutes of the game—WOW! What a game! So glad we were able to see it with the kids.

On top of all this soccer stuff, Lisa and Mike took Bob and the kids to Utah’s REAL professional soccer game on Fourth of July while I was in Virginia.  A very fun two weeks for all of us!

Christmas in July!  Thanks, Aunt Ashley!

Aunt Ashley didn’t quite get her Christmas presents in the mail in time (it’s only July….!) so I played mail carrier.  Among the presents were gift cards for Sammy and Mikaela to Target.  It was fun to watch the kids go through the decision process when they selected what they wanted–something I would never have anticipated.

Mikaela and Sammy wanted to share with Aunt Ashley what they selected as soon as they finished paying for it. So drum roll……
Ta Daaaa….

Ruth’s Diner Stopover

Ruth’s Diner has been one of my favorite spots to dine in SLC for years.  It’s located in Emigration Canyon, in the northwestern side of SLC.  Ruth, a hard-talking, smoking, drinking tough old broad hauled her trailer into the Canyon over 60 years ago and set up business with her homestyle cooking.  It’s still there and thriving under the guidance of her remaining family.  The place also had a dramatic upgrade since I was last there, which is quite impressive.  Lots of bicyclists roll by here each day to challenge the steep mountain grade on the way to a lake at the top of the canyon’s winding, steep road.  If they are smart (or maybe not) they can use all those calories they burnt and have breakfast on the way back down–Ruth’s Mile High biscuits can’t be beat!

Ruth’s Diner is a nice way station between Heber City and SLC. The garden patio in the back is also a garden paradise, but you can watch the bikers in the front.
Bob is digging into those Mile High Biscuits and homemade Apple Butter.

Lisa’s Birthday Celebration

With our Utah kids living so far away, we are rarely with Lisa on her birthday but we try to pull a belated celebration when we can work it out.  Mike took her to Vancouver for her June birthday this year for the soccer game (she was thrilled!).  Mike is a whiz at planning the most special birthday celebrations for Lisa each year.  He is so thoughtful and sweet and definitely knows what she likes!   So we had a campground cookout for her at our campsite shortly after we arrived.  They were leaving for Hawaii (bikini body time) shortly after we left so I made sure the ice cream cake was “zero” calories….

We were singing Happy Birthday to Mom/Lisa!  And giving her a few hugs as well!


Smile, Mike!
She blew them out on the first try! Wow!
OK, let’s eat cake!  And strawberries!

Grandkid Spoiling (can’t blame this one on me!)

I went home to Virginia for a few days and left Pappaw in charge of Grandkid spoiling.  And he did an excellent job.  First off, he bought GIANT doughnuts for each kid.  As Sammy said, it was bigger than his face!  But Mom made them parcel it out–took about 5 days to eat it!  Then he made 8 pans of lasagna and 3 meatloaves.  They freeze them and eat them until we come back–then if the stash is low Bob has to get busy in the kitchen!  Sammy and Mikaela were keeping a close count of the inventory.  We did have lasagna a couple times while we there–but almost had to so we could get everything into the freezer!

Sammy looks like he might try for one big gulp!
Mikaela is dreaming as she savors her CHOCOLATE doughnut….

Our two weeks in Utah ended so quickly and it was time for us to hit the road toward Canada via Wyoming and for Lisa, Mike and the kids to head to Hawaii.  I told them I would switch with them—you know trade the beach/palm trees of Hawaii for the Wyoming RATTLESNAKES —but, alas, there were no takers!  So off we went on the next stage of our journey.  Aloha!

And Happy Trails to all our friends and family!  Next blog will get us into Canada so until then–see ya’ later, gator!