About Us

Bob loved driving Baby II.  When he finally let me drive it in North Carolina I could see why--we couldn't even feel the tractor trailer trucks when they flew by.  We were told the dual axles give a lot of stability on the road.
Bob loved driving Baby II. When he finally let me drive it in North Carolina I could see why he didn’t want to get out of the driver’s seat–we couldn’t even feel the tractor trailer trucks when they flew by. I drove it in a fog bank on top of some mountains and didn’t get TOO nervous.  We were told the dual axles give it a lot of stability on the road.

After retiring over a year ago, Bob and I decided that the travel bug was still urging us onward so we decided to try RVing.  We could keep in closer touch with our widespread family and friends while seeing this beautiful country we live in.  We both traveled a lot in our jobs but flying in for work is not the same as seeing it up close, eating the local cuisine, talking with the people who live there, and spending as much time as you want enjoying all the scenic countryside and, at times, wildlife .  I have been eager to hit the road for many, many years and have been known to read every nut and bolt article in motorhome magazines.  (Reading about the best way to clean black tanks was an interesting choice for de-stressing after a long day of working and commuting between Virginia and Washington, D.C.)  We started tent camping when our children were small, moved up to a popup camper, and then, post-retirement,  finally made the big move in June 2013 of buying a 35 foot Allegro RED (we named her The Baby for lack of a better name–it just stuck).  For the rest of the year we enjoyed visiting with many friends and family, while enjoying the comfort of our home on wheels.

Daddy's 90th birthday celebration!
Daddy’s 90th birthday celebration in LaGrange, GA was lots of fun.  I met cousins I had not seen in many years.    My old hometown is a frequent destination during our RV travels.

Although Bob has never been overly fond of camping (he always said he had enough of that in the Army), he decided he liked life on the road RV-style.  So by the end of the summer we had placed an order for a bigger RV, with thoughts of perhaps moving into the full-timing lifestyle for a little while.  We picked up our new 42 foot Tiffin Phaeton (Baby II so far) in March 2014 and drove it home, stopping to visit with friends and family in Florida and Georgia.

Murphy, Ashley's Puggle, approves the new accommodations.
Grand-dog Murphy, Ashley and Justin’s Puggle, approves the new digs.

This year we are Westward-bound, and have been working toward the big departure date.  (Lots of stories there–snow and more snow  and other blips on our radar have kept us home much longer than we anticipated.)  We are hoping to finally get on the road tomorrow.  We know this trip is going to be a Grand Adventure so we want to share it with everyone, thus the blog.  (This is my first blog so be patient! )  Thanks to everyone–especially Larry and Diane in Orlando!–for all your help in developing our itinerary based on your 10 years of full-timing experience and supporting us as we adjust to this new way of life !  I intend to keep the blog updated as frequently as possible since we are not leaving friends and family behind–we are taking you with us as we begin our journey by keeping you posted on all of our adventures! We invite you to leave comments, stories, updates on your lives/travels/dogs/cats/kids so we don’t miss out on anything happening with you.  Enjoy your summer and Happy Trails!

March 2014: Baby II at Pine Mountain, GA RVC Campground on the way home to Virginia.  Beautiful lake view and farmland–very peaceful.  My sister, Ginny, is very fortunate to live here and I always look forward to stopping long enough for us to visit and catch up with each other!