Lanes Roughing It Smoothly??

Our tag line says it all!  It’s a takeoff on the Tiffin Motorhome slogan which appeals to our age and stage in life.  We are not quite ready for the proverbial rocking chair life (although we definitely enjoy that too!), but we are not adventure campers either–not deliberately anyway.  We just want to explore the countryside, have a nice soft bed of our own to sleep in, visit with friends and relatives without being a visitor in their home each time– thus interrupting their daily routine, and not have to re-pack and drag suitcases every time we move to a new location.

But there are some definite elements to the “roughing it” part though: monitoring the complexities of your house on wheels and making repairs as needed–especially monitoring the “tanks” (very important); following a set checklist when preparing for the next leg of your trip; planning your trips/itinerary and researching points of interest; coordinating schedules with folks you want to visit with; being very patient when things don’t go according to those schedules; and of course  getting from Point A to Point B.  Driving an RV can be a daunting experience and a huge job with safety always the first priority.  Our solution is to split the driving and try to schedule the trip so that we have plenty of rest and explore time. We also find central locations to camp in each region or park area, and then explore the area in our tow car (or in RV language, toad, dinghy, etc.).  Is there a balance here?  We hope so–and I’m sure you will get the full picture if you follow our blog faithfully!

HAPPY TRAILS –wherever you are!!